VAUDE Bike Bags

Choosing the right bike bag depends on what your plans include and whether you’ll be riding in the city, on trails, or over long distances. The demands made on your gear all depend on where – and how – you’ll be riding.  Whatever you’ve got planned – we offer a wide range of bike bags that are perfectly matched to your activity.


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Bike Backpacks

If you love to mountain bike or road cycling, if it’s the challenge and the adrenaline rush you need, then we’ve got the high-performance bike packs you’ll want. Our All-Mountain gear will let you take on the challenge of both uphill and downhill biking, on dirt roads, single tracks and paved road.


For longer tours and multiday travel you need the right food and gear in order to be prepared for whatever comes your way. In addition to a wide range of bag sizes (volume) we also have different ways they can be attached to your bike – at the handlebars, on the seat post or on your rear wheel or rack. All of our bags are robust and made from tried and tested, eco-friendly VAUDE materials with Eco Finish. Plenty of additional functionality such as the ability to be locked, reflectors or straps for carrying ensure both comfort and security on the ride – and off your bike as well.

Attachment Systems

No-fuss yet secure attachment to the bike is the hallmark of high-quality panniers. VAUDE offers a wide range of models that are specially adapted to the size you need, where you want to mount it and what you want your maximum weight to be.

We attach great importance to the fact that our attachment systems are adaptable for all conventional bike wheels and that whenever possible, they can be attached without special tools.

Urban Bike Bags

Your city has an incredible amount to offer – just like the selection of different models and product lines that we’ve developed specifically for urban biking – super-functional and, naturally, in stylish designs.

Our Classic City Bags are for the daily commute to work. They’re waterproof and a breeze to attach to your bike. They feature practical laptop compartments to keep your work safe.

If you want to be able to combine work, training, shopping and friends with full flexibility, our ExCycling Bags are the just the right choice. They offer plenty of space, are extremely versatile and, of course, have waterproof welded seams as well.

Features & Functionality

For genuine bike fans. Optimal functionality, comfort and protection are the top 3 on the priority list.

Tool Compartment / Bike Pump Compartment

Some VAUDE bike backpacks feature an extra tool compartment at the front for fast and easy access to your most important items. An additional loop will also secure even larger bike pumps.

Rain Covers

All VAUDE bike backpacks come with a rain cover. Whenever the need arises, just pull the cover over your pack to protect your gear from dirt and rain.

Helmet holder

VAUDE bike backpacks come with a helmet holder that is either stored in a small pack sack or integrated into the design of the pack. The different backpack models offer different attachment options.

Minimal Weight

By using extremely lightweight, high-quality materials and paring down all features to the necessities, we’ve reduced the total weight of the VAUDE Performance Backpacks to a minimum.


When aiming high and going full-speed downhill, during lung-burning climbs and exhilarating descents at breathtaking speeds – you’ve got to be able to rely on your gear. In addition to back protectors, enduro packs offer all kinds of useful features to get you ready for what awaits you.

Laptop Compartments

Many of our City Backpacks feature a padded laptop compartment(for laptops from 13.3” to 17”, depending on the model) for optimal protection. The first choice for bike commuters.


Nobody likes rummaging around in a pack or bag, searching for your things. Practical organizer systems for writing utensils, keys, a phone or your documents give you a clear overview and easy access to what you need.

The right suspension system

The suspension system is the heart of every backpack. It makes the key difference when it comes to comfort and fit. VAUDE bike backpacks are high-performance products that are truly versatile. We offer different suspension systems that are fine-tuned to different activities so you’ll always have the perfect gear for the conditions you face. Depending on your activity, you can choose a full-contact back or a ventilated suspension system.


An excellent suspension system fully distributes the weight of your pack across your back evenly so that it doesn’t affect your bike handling. It’s responsible for comfort, stability and the fit of your pack, so even with a heavy load it should never pinch or cause sore spots. In addition, it should provide protection and enable good air circulation between the pack and your back.

What to watch for when trying it on

A pack only provides optimal support when it’s matched to your own specific needs. This also means that it doesn’t restrict your freedom of movement.

So you should really pay attention to a perfect fit when you’re trying on a pack. A lot of our packs feature shoulder straps that can be individually adjusted to your torso length and shape.

Here are a few tips to help you adjust your pack correctly when it’s fully loaded:

  1. Loosen the shoulder straps and the load positioning straps.
  2. Put on the pack and close the hipbelt. The hipbelt should sit snugly on the top of your pelvic girdle.
  3. Then stand up straight and slowly tighten the shoulder straps until they fit snugly on your shoulders without the pack pulling upward when you bend forward.
  4. If your pack has them, tighten the load positioning straps and close the sternum strap. The sternum strap determines the distance between the shoulder straps, and should be adjusted when you’re in a riding position.

Backpacks made for women’s

Women have their own specific needs when it comes to backpack design. Our women’s backpacks are specifically engineered to meet these needs.

Torso length

Women are an average of 10 cm shorter than men – they have a shorter torso and their shoulders are usually narrower. VAUDE women’s backpacks are designed to have a shorter back and are also smaller and narrower than the equivalent versions for men. This guarantees an optimal fit.



The female pelvis is wider and shallower than that of men. The waist straps of our women’s backpacks are therefore specially shaped and slightly wider in order to provide optimal comfort.


Shoulder straps

In general, women’s backs are narrower than men’s in the shoulder area. To make sure that the shoulder straps don’t chafe uncomfortably or pinch at the front, we’ve designed our women’s backpacks with s-shaped shoulder straps. This design makes the pack especially stable and keeps it from sliding around on your back. In addition, the height of the sternum strap can be adjusted to allow for the best fit possible.