VAUDE Laptop Bags

For most jobs, a laptop is pretty much mandatory at work these days. These valuable devices (both monetarily speaking as well as data-wise!) need sufficient protection on the way to work and back. VAUDE laptop bags and backpacks have a lot to offer in terms of design, materials and function.

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Martin 22Martin 22

Martin 22

$ 180.00

Convertible shoulder bag for a modern lifestyle, can be carried as a tote bag or messenger bag # handle and padded shoulder strap with eco-friendly manufacturing

Hazel 12Hazel 12

Hazel 12

$ 180.00

Variable backpack for a modern, mobile lifestyle # sophisticated distribution # height adjustable lid # padded back # eco-friendly production

Esk 17Esk 17

Esk 17

$ 170.00

Practical laptop backpack for a modern lifestyle # sophisticated layout with multiple compartments # separate, external laptop compartment # environmentally-friendly manufacturing

Aspe 17Aspe 17

Aspe 17

$ 160.00

Spacious backpack for a modern, mobile lifestyle # generous main compartment # additional front compartment # padded back # eco-friendly production

Pinus 14Pinus 14

Pinus 14

$ 140.00

Room shoulder bag for a modern, mobile lifestyle # sophisticated distribution of several compartments # can be worn close to the body # padded back # eco-friendly production

Nore 15Nore 15

Nore 15

$ 120.00

Backpack for a modern, mobile lifestyle # smart compartments for notebooks up to 15.6″ # padded back and shoulder straps # environmentally friendly and fair manufacturing