“Climate protection is the responsibility of every company. And in light of the global climate crisis, this is non-negotiable. Consistently sustainable, climate-friendly management is the only sensible way forward for our future.”

Dr. Antje von Dewitz, CEO VAUDE

Made in Germany: climate-neutral since 2012

VAUDE headquarter in southern Germany has been climate-neutral since 2012


This applies to all products manufactured there. How did we do it? With a wide array of measures that minimize our carbon footprint. Examples include the consistent use of solar energy, switching to LED lighting, and an extensive mobility concept. And where emissions are truly unavoidable, we offset them through myClimate.

Our strategy for the climate-neutrality of all VAUDE product

In the near future, all VAUDE products will be climate-neutral.


To meet this goal, we set ambitious climate objectives for ourselves in the form of Science Based Targets. These are based on verified findings of climate science. They are our contribution to meeting the Paris Climate Agreements’s 1.5-degree target. The focus here is on our global production partners switching to renewable energy and using resource-saving materials for our products.

Less CO2. More bio-based and recycled materials.

By 2024, 90 % of all VAUDE products are to be made predominantly from bio-based or recycled materials.


We are guided here by the principles of the circular economy. The use of renewable raw materials and recycled materials conserve fossil resources and significantly reduces CO2 emissions in material production.


Responsible use instead of waste: Green Shape products are made of eco-friendly materials and, thanks to the bluesign® system, are manufactured in an energy and resource-saving way: without hazardous substances. Instead of petroleum-based materials, we focus in particular on climate-friendly alternatives such as recycled materials and natural materials such as hemp and organic cotton as well as bioplastics.