VAUDE Camping

VAUDE award-winning camping products, now proudly available in Canada! We are extremely happy to extend the range of VAUDE products with two new categories: Sleeping Bags and Mattresses! The same great quality and technical details that you expect from VAUDE, and as always, made with sustainable materials.

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VAUDE Sleeping Bags


VAUDE Down Sleeping Bags.

VAUDE Down Sleeping Bags are made from 100% recycled down. As far as thermal performance is concerned, down sleeping bags are at the top of the league. But some consumers do have concerns about the origin of down fill. If you buy a VAUDE Down Sleeping Bags you’ll be at the forefront when it comes to a sustainable night’s sleep!


The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) applies to all VAUDE sleeping bags and it guarantees that the down comes from ethical sources. But VAUDE has even gone one better, not a single animal had to lose a feather for the bags’ down. The fill comes from GRS-certified origins. GRS stands for Global Recycling Standard and means that the down fill comes from the reprocessed down of bedding and down apparel. The used down is washed and sterilized in an elaborate process, sorted in an air chamber stream and then remixed to the desired fill strength and quality.


VAUDE Kamor rectangular sleeping bag — full versatility

If you’re one of those people who have a hard time making up their mind, the VAUDE Kamor is for you — it’s a wealth of possibility. This lightweight down sleeping bag can also be used as a comfortable blanket or coupled with a second sleeping bag — the variation possibilities know almost no limits. As a 3-season bag or a summer bag combined for two people, or coupled with another VAUDE model such as a synthetic fiber sleeping bag at the bottom. The special feature here is that the zip always lies on the outside of the sleeping bag when it’s coupled with another thanks to the L-shape — and the surface that you lay on is always smooth and comfortable. Each person can also regulate his or her own ventilation and insulation.

VAUDE Fibre Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags: flexible, high-performance synthetic fill sleeping bags. VAUDE has used a very lightweight polyamide fabric with a water repellent finish, which can also effectively withstand a light sprinkling making the sleeping bag perfect for use in all weather conditions. It has a lightweight fill, is fast drying and easy to maintain making the bag ready to use even under the most adverse conditions. In contrast to goose down, this fill insulates when wet – an advantage that you will really appreciate in longer periods of bad weather when you can’t fully dry out your gear.


As with all VAUDE sleeping bags, VAUDE uses Green Shape certified production for both the Säntis and the Gamplüt. so you an be sure it’s a completely eco-friendly and functional product made from sustainable materials.

VAUDE Mattresses

For its newest insulation pads, VAUDE has used not only a highly technical 3D design, but has also set new standards in terms of comfort for camping, trekking and mountain adventures.


With a wide range of features, outdoor sleepers will find the perfect choice for their needs – whether the focus is on performance or comfort. All pads feature a warm, friendly shade of red. Thanks to eco-friendly materials, your eco-conscience will also be able to rest easy.


VAUDE Performance

The VAUDE insulation extravaganza starts off with the VAUDE Performance pad featuring PrimaLoft® insulation. This 7 cm insulation pad was primarily designed for trekkers and mountaineers who want to keep the weight and space of their gear down to a minimum. VAUDE used PrimaLoft® Insulation Black ECO which ensures optimum thermal performance in demanding conditions. One virtue of this ultra-light sleeping pad is its extremely small pack size. Its rectangular shape with rounded corners also offers the best compromise between low weight and maximum comfort when used in a tent or directly under the stars. The winter version features more insulation (200 g/m² Primaloft® Black Insulation ECO instead of 60 g/m² for the standard model) that guarantees high thermal retention and a warm and cozy microclimate for the night, even under the most extreme conditions. Vertically aligned air chambers also help give the pad an ideal ratio of weight to comfort. The upper insulation is high-frequency welded, guaranteeing high thermal retention while providing optimal heat reflection. The VAUDE patent-pending flat valve is a breeze to use.



Next in the lineup is the VAUDE Hike model, which will delight comfort-oriented trekkers and climbers who are looking for a light and packable pad with the largest possible sleeping surface. The pad features a synthetic fiber fill with a good heat-to-weight ratio and 3D-construction for a level sleeping surface from edge to edge. This also makes it possible to join two pads up firmly to each other for a gap-free double mattress. The rugged 75D shell material ensures extra durability for a maximum lifespan. The Hike comes in two lengths and two versions – the winter model features more insulation, which makes it the perfect year-round companion.



The name says it all: at the end of the day, the VAUDE Dream takes camping comfort to a new level. It comes in 7.5 cm and 10 cm versions, is self-inflating and has a 3D construction for a level sleeping surface from edge to edge that lines up firmly to another pad for a gap-free double mattress. The rectangular shape maximizes the use of space while the soft and comfortable upper surface guarantees a very comfortable night’s sleep. Here, too, the mat adapts to your body pressure in order to guarantee an optimal sleeping position. VAUDE designed the pad with horizontal air channels cored through the foam along the entire length of the mat to reduce weight. This ensures improved air entrapment and higher insulation performance.

VAUDE Camping Accessories

Clever inflation solutions – Pump it up! Pads should always be inflated with a pump bag or pillow; if you blow them up, the moisture in your breath can cause mold to grow inside. VAUDE offers two convenient options. The Pump Sack quickly inflates VAUDE pads or those from other manufacturers. Effective, convenient and packable – the functionality of this lightweight bag can be summarized in a few words. Another highlight: the environmentally friendly Pump Sack can also be used as a waterproof packsack and storage bag. Weighing just 80 grams, it features a small pack size and will easily fit in with your camping and outdoor gear.


At just 145 grams, the Pump Pillow does double duty on your trip. You can use the device to pump up your insulation pad, be it a VAUDE model or one from another brand, and then drift off to sleep with it when you’re done. The pillow packs down small and is made of silky soft 50D stretch micro-polyester. The compressible upper material and comfortable foam core work together for superb comfort. The Pump Pillow is the perfect 2in1 item for clever campers!