VAUDE Hiking Backpacks

The mountains offer all sorts of fun and a huge range of activities. VAUDE Hiking backpacks are specifically designed for day trips or weekend tours, but they can also be used for many kinds of other activities. The suspension system makes the biggest difference in a hiking pack.
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Features & Functionality

For perfect adventures, VAUDE has a range of packs specifically designed for different activities. The suspension system makes the biggest difference – you can choose between a full-contact back or a rear-ventilated mesh back. Side pockets, trekking pole attachments and excellent ventilation are standard in these models.

Trekking pole attachment

Insert telescopic poles into the loops provided at the lower end of the pack and then secure the shaft with a strap or velcro.

Side stretch pocket(s)

Almost all VAUDE hiking backpacks have a side stretch pocket. It serves as storage space for small items such as raincoats, caps, tissues or gloves. If there are two side pockets, you should try to keep the weight about the same in both.

Valuables compartment

Hiking backpacks that feature a lid compartment also have an integrated valuables compartment with zip where you can safely store your wallet or phone.

Hydration system compatibility

You need to drink a lot to stay hydrated when you’re hiking. Therefore all of our hiking backpacks are hydration system compatible. Depending on the backpack model, there are different options for attaching the hydration bladder to the pack and guiding the drinking tube outwards. The compartment is always placed close to your back so the weight of your fluids doesn’t influence your center of gravity.

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