Forward to nature!


Today, in the face of advancing climate change, our planet and our mountains are showing a fragility that we’ve long underestimated. The mountains are telling us that it is time to reevaluate. It is time to step up and take responsibility, to change course so that the children of tomorrow can experience the wonders of this planet in the diverse and fascinating form that we know it today.


VAUDE has taken on this responsibility for many years. As Europe’s most sustainable outdoor supplier, we are a pioneer, challenging conventions and pushing the limits to create forward-looking functional products and sustainable solutions through innovation: Forward to nature!

VAUDE Environmental Protection

We are pursuing a comprehensive sustainability strategy. This runs like a “green thread” through all segments of the company and shows how responsibility for people and for nature is systematically pursued at VAUDE. Our goal is to create a balance between ecological, social and economic responsibility. The expense that this involves is enormous. But we are convinced that it makes sense and is worthwhile in the long term.


We are dedicated to making (y)our world a better place. For us, this includes maintaining the beauty and richness of nature for all of us now, and for future generations. Environmental protection has a very high priority at VAUDE. Therefore, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. Environmental protection is firmly anchored in our business strategies and affects each of our employees on a day-to-day basis. We also strongly value transparency and external audits. Our environmental management system is verified and certified by EMAS. All of our commitments are disclosed in our Sustainability Report in accordance with GRI standards.


Learn more about our Green Shape Certification and Innovative Eco Materials

Greenpeace Detox Commitment

VAUDE announced its Greenpeace Detox Commitment in which the company voluntarily agrees to eliminate all hazardous chemicals in its supply chain by 2020. At VAUDE, we acknowledge our responsibility for the entire life cycle of VAUDE products, including clean production in our supply chains.

This commitment consists of three main challenges:

  1. elimination of all releases of hazardous chemicals into the environment
  2. contributing to new responsible business models for more sustainable products and consumption
  3. transparency and public reporting on all results and progress as well as challenges and unresolved issues.


With many strong policies, processes, and experts in place, we are well positioned to live up to our leadership role once more. We are well aware of the challenges within this commitment. There are some serious difficulties ahead of us which will require enormous resources, man (woman) power and creativity to solve. This commitment really takes us far out of our comfort zone. Still, we are convinced that it is the right thing to do.

“Vaude we are proud of you! You have taken the PFC issue very seriously from the beginning and now you are one of the first big outdoor brands to commit to Detox! Thanks for taking this bold step towards a toxic free future.”

Green Peace

Outdoor Ranking 2019: VAUDE in 1st place

VAUDE has achieved the highest rating for a 1st place finish by the international comparison portal Rank a Brand for their Outdoor Ranking 2019. Within the assessment, 14 outdoor brands were examined on the basis of a catalogue of questions relating to climate protection, environmental protection and fair working conditions. VAUDE demonstrated a high level of commitment in all areas and scored highest in the ranking.


“VAUDE sets the standard”, was the conclusion of Rank a Brand


VAUDE was the only brand to receive the highest “Label A”, which indicates that at least 75 % of criteria were met. VAUDE achieved top scores in areas such as climate protection, environmentally friendly production and fair working conditions in the supply chain. The jury also emphasized that VAUDE is one of the few brands to publish a carbon footprint.