Green Shape

Strict criteria for environmentally friendly products

How do you decide whether a material, process or product is environmentally friendly. Especially when there are no worldwide standards, no operating evaluation systems, and no international or uniform certificates to go by. This is why we developed our own rating system for environmentally friendly outdoor products: Green Shape. We use the VAUDE Green Shape criteria to evaluate our products with regard to their environmental friendliness.


Watch this short film explaining what Green Shape is about:

Sustainability throughout the entire
product life cycle


With our Green Shape label, we offer functional, environmentally-friendly products made from sustainable and innovative materials. They are manufactured under fair working conditions along the entire supply chain. The criteria for the label are strict and transparent. They are under constant review and cover the entire lifecycle of the product from design, through production, care and maintenance, to repair and the product’s end of life. This means that not only the primary materials but also all production sites have to meet the high ecological standards for VAUDE Green Shape products. In addition, all other components such as thread, zips and prints must meet the stringent Green Shape criteria.


VAUDE has made a commitment to using the best (most environmentally friendly) technologies, to eliminating the use of controversial materials, and to ensure maximum traceability of all materials to their origin. VAUDE materials combine top quality with technical performance and ecological responsibility.


Consistently strict also means that we ensure the greatest possible transparency for natural materials that could be critical from an environmental or animal welfare point of view. This means that we check very carefully where the wool, down and cotton come from, whether they meet the requirements defined in our Material Policy and are certified according to the standards we require. For example, we only use down that is certified by the Responsible Down Standard.


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VAUDE’s Green Shape proves that sustainability and performance can live in perfect harmony.

Almost 90% of the wide range of textiles we use are biobased, recycled or are natural materials. Using environmentally friendly processes and with fair working conditions, they are then made into the most sustainable products VAUDE has on offer. We are of the opinion that sustainability and performance are not contradictory, but rather create a strong drive for our capacity to innovate.

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