Vaude Bike Bags Technologies

We use many different technologies in our bike bags for optimal functionality.

Our products are designed to support your outdoor activities and also help a little to enjoy the gritty reality of nature. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about which special features of a product make sense and which don’t. The experience itself and the responsible use of our natural resources is our top priority.

Here’s a list of the bike bags technologies that we use in our products :

QMR Technology

QMR (Quick Mount Release) is a high-quality and technically sophisticated mounting system with hooks. It allows you to easily mount and detach your panniers. The hooks come with an adapter and can be adjusted to tubes ranging from 8-16 mm and locked to the frame.


Bicycle bags and boxes with the UniKlip fastening system can be used on a wide variety of luggage racks without additional adapters.

– Automatic adaptation to luggage carriers (10 – 16 mm diameter)
– Adjustable to carrier widths from 9 – 16 cm
– Can also be used with an integrated rechargeable battery
– Compatible with V-shaped beams
– Integrated anti-theft protection
– Maximum load: 10 kg

Hard Back & Soft Back Technology

The Hard Back 2.0, a hard shell pannier is made from sturdy synthetic material and is extremely impact and abrasion resistant. The edges that have to take the most stress are outfitted with a non-slip base; the lower guide hook can be freely rotated 360° so you can individually adapt the bag to all racks. This means the bags can be individually adjusted for all gear racks. Maximum load: 12.5 kg per bag.

Soft Back panniers are based on the Hard Back technology, but don’t include the full synthetic panel. This significantly reduces the total weight and creates more flexibility for mounting. Maximum load: 10 kg per bag.

Twist adapter

Our saddlebags are attached with a twist-adapter .The twist adapter allows the saddlebag to be easily and quickly attached onto a plug-in adapter which is mounted between the saddle struts. Then with a half turn the bag is securely locked into place.

Vario seatpost

Saddlebags suitable for Vario saddle supports. The velcro strip designed to fix the bag to the saddle support can be removed.


The KLICKfix system is a quick and safe method of attaching handlebar bags. The bag adapter easily attaches with a “click” into the fixture attached to the handlebars. Just press on the red button to detach the bag.

Plug and ride

Some VAUDE panniers are outfitted with the Plug-and-Ride system, a detachable mounting rail. The option to attach the bag at an angle means your heels won’t get caught in the bag when pedaling. If you use the pannier as a shoulder bag, the rail can be easily removed. Maximum load: 10 kg per bag.